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SkyReach Zonkeh is a division of Rainbow SkyReach, the home of the BushCat light sport aircraft (LSA) that is manufactured by the company and sold the world over. The SkyReach BushCat is a South African developed LSA. The aircraft is supplied as a kit for amateur construction or as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft. The BushCat is a distinctive LSA within the reach of many budgets.

About us

Rainbow SkyReach is a proudly South African company based at the Springs Airfield, just east of Johannesburg. Formerly Rainbow Aircraft, the company has its origins in the weight-shift trike market. However, a need for a cost-effective and rugged, 3-axis bush aircraft was identified in the late 1990s, resulting in the first flights of the newly designed aircraft taking place in 2001.

Rainbow SkyReach is a SACAA approved aircraft manufacturing organisation and the BushCat aircraft meets ASTM and CS-LSA standards applicable to light sport aircraft design and flight performance. The BushCat has been thoroughly flight tested to prove compliance and assure clients of SkyReach’s commitment to safety.

“SkyReach Zonkeh was founded to complement our existing departments that are responsible for manufacturing or processing individual components and materials for the manufacture of the BushCat. We are proud to say that except for the landing gear, instruments and the engine, everything else is locally designed, manufactured and assembled,” explained Shawn Braisier, General Manager of SkyReach Zonkeh.

We aim to be the premier engineering choice when it comes to laser cut parts and welding in Southern Africa by delivering excellent service and support.

The Team

Shawn Braisier

General Manager - Management, Manufacturing and Production

Over 16 years’ experience in manufacturing and production. General Manager for Rainbow SkyReach and SkyReach Zonkeh

Man of my word and ethically driven.

Denise Kruger

Parts Division Manager - Projects Manager, Business Management & Draughtsman

21 years’ experience in the steel fabrication and manufacturing industry.

Live to learn and see two new things every day.

Alishia de Lange

Business Development Officer - BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise

Experienced in business process design, sales and marketing.

Amor Fati – Love your fate.

Gerhard Clifford

Machine Operator / Assistant - Qualified Boiler maker

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Junior Admin Assistant

Our team is expanding and we are looking for a Junior Admin Assistant to join us.

Send your CV to employment@fly-skyreach.com with the job title 'Junior Admin Assistant' in the subject line.


External Sales Rep

Our team is expanding and we are looking for an experienced External Sales Rep to join us.

Send your CV to employment@fly-skyreach.com with the job title 'External Sales Rep' in the subject line. Or apply on Careers24

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